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ICAC Sports Recruiting Network

College Sports Recruiting

ICAC Sports goal is to serve as a recruiting network for athletes looking for a university to continue pursuing their sport as well as getting a higher education.

Get recruited by college coaches through our college sports recruiting network,  your online profile will be viewed by hundreds of college coaches completely free of charge! ICAC Sports college athletic recruiting network increases your chances to get noticed and recruited by college coaches with an offer of athletic scholarship.

ICAC Sports was founded by former college student athletes, who had a great experience participating in college athletics with athletic scholarship. ICAC Sports wants to provide a community and network to simplify the college athletic recruiting process for coaches and athletes.

ICAC Sports goal is to serve as a meeting place in the recruiting process, where athletes can upload their information for free and coaches look into prospective future student athletes.

There are hundreds of prospective student athletes uploading their recruiting videos on YouTube and other online recruiting services hoping to get recruited with athletic scholarship. ICAC’ Sports goal is to gather all these athletes into one recruiting network and to be able to provide college coaches with additional relevant recruiting information of prospective student athletes.

Studying in the U.S. as a student athlete is a great opportunity, however it is often a long and complicated process for athletes who are looking for athletic scholarship to find the right school and go through all the necessary steps to become eligible for college athletics, this is especially the case for international athletes.

That is why ICAC Sports was created, to serve as a community and to help athletes in the college athletic recruiting process, so they can reach their academic and athletic goals.

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