College Hockey Scholarships

College Ice Hockey is a sport where the popularity and the quality have improved tremendously in college athletics these past yCollege Hockey scholarshipsears. The universities have around 18 college hockey scholarships for their hockey team.

There are 58 D- I and 6 D-II colleges that offer college hockey scholarships for men. The total number of women’s  college hockey scholarships in the NCAA is 648 from 34 colleges.

Hockey requires a larger squad then most other sports so in a college hockey team you have to prove that you deserve your scholarship or others who don’t have scholarships but are performing better will be rewarded with it.

To play college hockey in the U.S. is a great option for international hockey players who wants to continue playing hockey after high school while studying with college hockey scholarship.

To be recruited with a college hockey scholarship, it is important to have a good hockey recruiting video. You want to mix it up with maybe 3 minutes practice footage and 7 minutes match footage. Other countries with strong hockey tradition will have a easier time to get recruited than players from countries where hockey is not a big sport.

ICAC Sports recommends athletes to attend their university in the fall semester (august).

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Ice Hockey National Championships:

NCAA I+II (together): March

NCAA I+II: March

College Hockey

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