College Soccer Scholarships

There are plenty of soccer players in the world unaware of the excellent opportunity college soccer presents. International soccer plCollege Soccer Scholarshipsayers only see the option to go professional after completing basic school.  If they are not good enough they just quit playing soccer because there is no other option. The option to play college soccer with a college soccer scholarship offers a solution to this problem.

College soccer has a very high level; the best teams can be compared to some professional teams in Europe. There are many different schools with varied levels of soccer. Many college soccer players has played college soccer and then played professional soccer after their college career. Some of them include star players like Santiago Solari, Charlie Davis, Clint Dempsey, Brad Friedel, Oguchi Onyewu and many more.

So how does college soccer differ from soccer outside the U.S.?  Well college soccer is very intense and is played in a very high tempo. The game is very physical and as an international soccer player you must be willing to work hard on your fitness and adjust to the style of play. If you are an elite junior soccer player in your country and you want to continue playing soccer at a high level with college soccer scholarships and get a valuable education at the same time. Then college soccer should be an option for you

So how many college soccer scholarships do Universities have?

Universities who have a soccer team have around 9.9 college soccer scholarships to divide within the squad. A women’s team have around 14 scholarships to share within their squad. To get recruited with  college soccer scholarships it’s important to have a good soccer recruiting video as well as good merit. The recruiting video should include a short presentation of yourself and then some practice highlights finished off with some match highlights. The video should be around 10 minutes total, with the presentation taking up 1 min practice highlights 2-3 min and match highlights the remaining 7-8 minutes. You should also have some raw footage that is unedited in case the coach wants to view that.

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